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Alejos Presto Trattoria on Lincoln Blvd in Marina Del Rey

Everyone seems to know about Alejo's. How come I was kept out the loop? Is there anything else that people have been hiding from me? OK, jokes aside, this is a popular place. Often it is completely packed. Recently I had a chance to eat lunch there and observe goings on inside this restaurant with my super critical eye. Nothing can get by me, good food and good service especially . suggested parking is at 83rd and Lincoln.

The interior, or the lack there of it, is very modest at Alejo's. Very dated chairs, an old carpet and even older wall decorations adorn the space. There are some recognition plaques on the walls dating back many many years. Yikes. It sort of feels like a cafeteria at Alejo's.

It's busy. For our lunch we selected, the pasta with sausages, onions and peppers, the chicken parmigian and veal piccatta. Prices are not as reasonable as I have heard. Pastas are around ten dollars with meat dishes approaching twelve for lunch.

Bread that preceeded the meal was awesome. The olive oil had way too much garlic. We had to wait for a while for our food to arrive. Our dishes were tasty though a bit average. Pasta was overcooked as were the meats and vegetables.

The red sauce was a bit too rich for my taste. I could not complete the entire serving due to its large size. The pizzas at adjoining tables looked good.

Seems like they know their dough.So, what is the verdict? I was not impressed by Alejo's. The pastas were average and I thought that the prices would be more around six dollars then ten dollars as they were.

Overall cafeteria style atmosphere also did not draw my attention. For these prices you can find a better place.P.

S. Many will beg to differ and that's why it is often very crowded.(310) 822-0095 4002 Lincoln Blvd Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-5614.

.Michael Philip is one of the editors and contributors for the SeeTheGlobe.com web site.

SeeTheGlobe.com is a travel information web site and community. Reviews of restaurants, hotels, airlines and other travel resources are provided from first hand accounts.

By: Michael Philip

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