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Cookies The Suitable Gift For Most Anyone

Most people think of a simple sugary dessert when they hear the word cookie. You probably decided on a favorite cookie when you were very young; perhaps you loved grandma's chewy raisin chocolate chip cookies or mom's special macadamia nut cookies. Most people like some flavor of cookie. Perfect Presentation Cookie gifts are very popular, since cookies themselves are so widely beloved. It's important to determine what sort of cookie your special someone will appreciate most.

Hinting at what cookies you like, so that you may discover what cookies another person likes, is a good idea in being able to provide a person with their favorites. A well-done cookie present is unlikely to go wrong - cookie gifts are rarely uneaten! You might consider giving a cookie basket as a gift for one of your co-workers or for an acquaintance. Since there is an assortment of cookies inside cookie baskets, you have a better chance of the recipient liking them. Cookie baskets are a great all-purpose gift; you can give any time of year for any occasion, even to someone you don't know very well. If there's a possibility that the recipient doesn't eat cookies or you don't know what kind to get, you can always give them a gift certificate to a bakery. This way, your recipients can choose their favorite kind of cookie.

Original Cookie Creations Cookie towers and ready-made gift boxes are always increasing in popularity. They always come with a lot of different types of cookies, ensuring that the recipient will find one that they like. Towers and gift boxes usually look sophisticated and come wrapped nicely. A neat idea for creative types is a "jar" or "cone" of cookie mix.

Any old glass jar will do (mason jars give an air of nostalgia); just fill it with all the solid ingredients. Presentation really helps - try layering the recipe ingredients, say, brown sugar, sugar, cinnamon, then chocolate chips, macadamia nuts or other goodies. You might consider putting the recipe on a card, attached to the jar with a ribbon.

You may also spice the jar up with any other sort of decorations you like. The special bags that are used to decorate a cake are also used to make the cookie "cone". The cone looks very creative when you add colorful ingredients and a recipe tag. Remember, cookie gifts are a great way to be creative! If you want to make your cookies the perfect gift, there are many ways you can do it.

However, always keep in mind what the recipient likes and try to make the gift unique.

Tiffany Gaultier entertains frequently in her home and the highlight is always the gourmet desserts. Whether it is gooey fudge brownies, scrumptious cheesecake, or even oatmeal chocolate chip cookies she never fails by ordering from Dessert Alert!

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