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Harmful Things Disguised As Good Things

The most dangerous things are things that you cannot perceive as dangerous. They are so well disguised until you think that they are good things. But the actual fact is that they are harmful to you. To illustrate my point, let look at this drug call caffeine. Caffeine is an addictive drug. In the pure form of white powder, it has a very bitter taste.

Anyone who looks at the pure form of Caffeine will know that it is a drug of some kind. Thus, no one is likely to take it in its pure form. The effects of Caffeine are very mild compared to that of Amphetamines, Cocaine and Heroin.

If a very small amount is taken, it will manipulate your brain and accelerate your metabolism rate. As a result, you may feel energetic and heightened alert. Because of its effect when taken in very small amount, people take it to keep them awake late at night. This is especially true for people who need to work late or study late. But people do not take Caffeine in the pure form. They take it when they drink thing such as coffee, tea, cola and chocolate.

Yes, caffeine disguised as nice things such as coffee, tea, cola and chocolate is very tempting. People will not notice the danger of being addicted. Let say if you need to stay awake late at night to rush some work.

To keep yourself awake, you decide to drink coffee as you found it to be effective. In the morning, you also drink coffee to keep yourself awake because you are sleepy due to lack of rest. If you continue to do that for about 1 week, you will become addicted to Caffeine unknowingly.

How to tell if you are addicted? When you stop drinking coffee anymore because you have completed your work, you will feel lethargic. You will feel something is wrong with you. But, the moment you drink your coffee, you feel energetic right away.

Also, you will find that the same amount of coffee no longer give you the same kick. Now you have to drink double the amount of coffee just to get the same effect. As you can see, when caffeine is disguised as good things, we take it without much consideration. As a result, we can get addicted unknowingly.

If you take it regularly, it has a bad effect on our body. This is because caffeine make you body age faster. The idea that I will like to share with you: Learn to spot harmful thing that is disguised as a good thing Disclaimer: The author, publisher and distributors particularly disclaim any liability, loss, or risk taken by individuals who directly or indirectly act on the information contained herein. All readers must accept full responsibility for their use of this material.

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