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Hot Barbecue Sauce For the Perfect Barbecue Experience

Barbecues have always tasted good and now that they have generous sprinklings of the highly seasoned barbecue sauces to spice them up, they taste all the more delicious. Traditionally barbeque sauces have been a perfect blend of sweet, sour and spicy flavors, but a recent trend shows that people like their steaming barbecues, meatloaves meatballs and other foodstuff with a dash of hot barbecue sauce. As always, the base continues to be tomato but now the hot barbecue sauce has a hot, spicy flavor that lingers hours after you have had your share of a bbq.Based on hot peppers of the capsicum family such as chilly peppers, red peppers, tabascos, habaneros and paprika, each hot barbecue sauce smells and looks as good as it tastes.

The heat index of a hot pepper sauce depends on its hot pepper ingredient.Some of the best hot barbecue sauces:.Mad Dog "Ultra Hot" BBQ Sauce ? A Boston based sauce this is one of my all time favorites.

This smooth and refreshing sauce is made with authentic Bird's Eye African Chili Peppers that gives it a nice little zip. Mad Dog makes their sauces with the freshest ingredients and they are always extremely flavorful.Jake's BBQ Sauce - Inferno ? Originally coming from a family recipe out of the hills of Arkansas.

Jakes Smokehouse Inferno BBQ Sauce now located in San Luis Obispo, California is a unique experience. Jakes Smokehouse utilizes wonderful blends of golden brown sugar, ginger, molasses, jalapeno, honey, habanera, garlic and a host of other evenly blended ingredients and spices.Worlds Most Dangerous BBQ Sauce ? From the Chicago area comes a real treat for the ultimate barbecue experience, this pepper sauce has pure honey and natural maple flavor added to it for a perfectly mouth-watering recipe.Wild-Mild Barbecue Sauce ? Hailing for the Chicago area and lying far low on the heat index (around 4), this mellowed-down pepper sauce makes for a mild culinary experience.Big Bob Gibson ? An Alabama based BBQ sauce the Red Habanero BBQ Sauce is a perfect head-turner.

Perfectly complimenting the flavors of all broiled meat, the Big Bob Gibson has been a National Award Winning BBQ sauce for many years.Habanero BBQ Sauce From Hell ? Coming from Arizona this is a hot barbecue sauce promising an outlandish experience; it is a perfect condiment and a barbecue blaster. Made with molasses, soy sauce, habanero peppers and more than twenty different herbs and spices.Pappy's XXX White Lightnin' BBQ Sauce ? Originating from Kentucky comes another barbeque sauce of the hot genre, it makes for a wholesome experience ? ranging from an initial sweet taste to an intermediary sourness followed by the distinct habanero fire. You cannot just stop falling in love with this hot barbecue sauce even after your nose starts running and your eye starts watering.

.Chris McCarthy is the owner of InsaneChicken's Hot Sauce and BBQ Sauce Catalog. Check out the large selection of bbq sauces on http://www.InsaneChicken.com.

By: Chris McCarthy

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