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How To Select The Best Gourmet Steaks

A good steak comes from a cow that is bred for beef. Investigate and be sure the cows that the steaks are made from are from a line that is known for quality beef and are also fed corn. This will go a long way to insure that the beef is the best tasting beef you can find. The other important factor is the time when they are slaughtered. The ideal time to slaughter a cow is when it is between eighteen months and two years old. The highest grade of beef recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture is prime, which goes usually to the more expensive restaurants.

Be sure that the beef you choose is always choice, which is the next level of quality after prime. If the cows are treated better it also makes the beef better. Make sure that the standards of safety for the company are very high.

It means for the consumer that you know that the beef you buy is of a high standard, with good taste, and safe for you to eat. Consider all the special cuts of beef that are offered, and choose the one that's right for your tastes. The Filet Mignon or tenderloin is the tenderest cut there is, and it has no bones. The mild flavor is a favorite among many connoisseurs. The T-bone steak has a bone in the middle shaped like a T. The Rib eye, also known as beauty, Spencer, or Delmonico steak, is full of juice and flavor.

The New York Strip is lean and tender, full of flavor, and can be served with a bone or without one. Buy a quality steak and you are in for a special treat. A good steak is going to make you realize the difference between quality beef and the beef that is produced by other companies. Remember that to choose companies that start with the best cows that are bred for their beef, and then raised in the best conditions and slaughtered at the optimum time for the best quality beef. The science that goes into making sure that beef is as good as it can be works. If you are ready to taste quality, then you need to taste one of our steaks, and you will taste the difference.

Soon you will only want our steaks, and you will not want to eat steak from anyone else. The United States Department of Agriculture graded choice beef that we use comes from the best cows, handpicked by our experts. The United States Department of Agriculture chooses beef that is of the highest quality to call choice, and you know that when you eat any beef from us that experts from the United States Department of Agriculture have put their seal of approval on the meat that you're eating.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as Omaha Steaks online at http://www.primesteaksplus.com

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