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Kick out inferior food recipes and tastes the flavored ones

Coffee is renowned for the most preferable drink to many. But that does not restrict it's usage as a mere drink. Coffee is variedly used in different preparation of food worldwide. In general circumstances coffee is used as desserts or a sweet dish. But a few people know that coffee can do wonders to dishes like pot roasts, coating on meat or even for making barbeque sauces. The most vital thing about any ingredient in a preparation is that is should be fresh.

Fresh coffee beans can bebought and ground to fine powder. While using coffe in a particular preparation it should be made with clean filtered water just before making the food. Normally a stronger coffee is needed to be prepared while using it a recipe. You can use a regular coffee maker or a coffee maker that makes just a single serving for these recipes. Let us try out some recipes using coffee An australian recipe of coffee meatloaf sauce has become very popular worldwide. To make this sauce we need to mix one tablespoon of fresh instant coffee to a quarter cup of water.

Then we need to put half cup ketchup in a qarter cup of dry red worcestershire sauce. Finally we will need one ounce of margarine, two tablespoon full lemon juice and two tablespoon full vinegar and a little bit of brown sugar. This will make the coffee sauce. Now, we will cook the meatloaf for half an hour and then bake it with the sauce for forty five minutes at 375F. The next recipe will be a snack called Espresso Brownies. To make espresso brownies we will need half cup of sugar, a stick and a half of butter and a teaspoon of salt and heat it in a pan.

After it gets mixed well we will need to pour one teaspoon of vanilla essence and four ounces of sliced cooking chocolate and mix the whole thing till it melts. Then we need to add one teaspoon of fresh coffee powder to it. After stirring for a while when all the ingredients gets mixed well we need to remove it from flame and allow it to cool. Then we need to add a cup of flour and three eggs in the mixturewhile it is still warm. Now, we can bake the mixture for thirty minutes to get warm and fluffy espresso brownies.

Black Russian Cake can be treated as a dessert dish. It is a very easy to make dish which require russian coffee - a combination of one ounce of vodka, half ounce of kahlua and 5 ounces of hot black coffee as the main ingredient. To make the cake we need to mix dark chocolate cake mix, a packet of instant chocolate pudding, one cup vegetable oil, four eggs, half cup creme de cacao and most importantly russian coffee.

The mixture should be beaten until it is smooth. Then we only need to put the mix in a baking pan and keep it for baking at 350F for 45 minutes. A wide variety of icecreams cookies and all sorts of goodies uses coffee.

The list can even be endless. Some of the famous cocktails also has coffee as their main ingredient. Coffee syrup is made by mixing one cup of sugar and strong brewed Colombian coffee. We just need to boil the mix stirring till the sugar gets melted completely.

Then we will simmer the coffee for a few minutes, cool it and take the sip.

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