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The Fullest Foods

Let's begin by stating that there are no "good" or "bad" foods. No food exist that can make you thinner or fatter because you simply decided to try it. But what is true is that there are certain types of foods that have to be consumed in larger quantities due to their low concentration of fat and because they are rich of nutritional substances, in comparison to those that contain higher percentage of fats and low percentage of nutritional substances. The foods included in the following list were selected based on their nutrition levels and the amount of vitamins and minerals they contain. White of the egg - Albumen: The white of the egg, also known as albumen, has the highest level of protein absorbency, scoring 3.

9 out of 4. Of course, the egg's crocus has also a very high absorbency level due to the nutritional substances it contains. These assist in the creation of blood cells, brain cells, muscles and bones; mainly during children's development stage. Diary products: Excellent source of calcium and magnesium, diary products are considered essential for a balanced diet and the normal function of the body. Try to select those with lower levels of fat, since the amount of fat taken out through the factory processes is actually 98-99 percent of those harmful triglycerides.

Dry goods: A variety of flakes comes to mind when one mentions dry foods, such as oats, barley, wheat, soya, etc. Abundant in cellular fibers, these types of foods are vital for the normal function of the human large intestine. Chicken and turkey: These types of white meat are the best possible choice one can make to receive proteins, which are high in nutrition value, and at the same time avoid the consumption of red meat that has high levels of fat and cholesterol. Vegetables: The types of foods categorized under the culinary term "vegetables" are an exceptional source of trace elements that are vital for the activities performed by the human body, since they also contain a large quantity of cellular fibers. Fibers are useful for the movements performed by the intestines and due to their low amount of calories they give a feeling of one being full without adding weight to our figure. Pasta: Whole grain pasta is rich in complex hydrates and at the same time an excellent source of vegetal protein.

In addition, nutritionists include pasta in diet plans, since it is widely known that those who consume pasta are in a good mood. Fruits: The "sweet" delight with the lowest calories. Since they include mainly water, the feeling of fullness they provide is not "guilty" of adding any inches to our waistline. Full of cellular fibers and trace elements, fruits are nature's sweet treats. Exception to this category is Avocado due to the fats it contains. Fish: These sea creatures add culinary pleasure to our tables apart from having a high level of protein absorbency and low fat levels; the fats found in fish actually decrease bad" cholesterol and protect blood cells.

Brown rise: One of the best natural sources for minerals and fibers, rise is high in complex carbohydrates that are absorbed gradually and help the body balance its energy levels.

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